Eissporthalle Frankfurt

Eissporthalle Frankfurt ( Ice-skating hall ) offers 4 different connected icerinks. The 1,800 square meter icefield is located in the central hall, which is the home of the local icehockey team the Frankfurt Lions, the professional team being part of German Icehockey League.

A smaller hall located beside the central hall offers a 675 square meter icefield, an additional icerink of 12 meter width and 400 meter length as well as a 1,800 square meter open-air icefield underneath a membrane roof - a real attraction for public visiors like more and less trained skaters.

During the off-seasonal time of the year Eissporthalle Frankfurt hosts all kind of smaller and bigger events.

For topic information, opening hours as well as icetime schedules, please go to:

Permission to include the picture here was given by the Eissporthalle Frankfurt am Main.

Eissporthalle Frankfurt ( Ice-skating hall )

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