360° surround views from Frankfurt am Main

360° surround views from Rhein-Main-Area

The European Bahá'í House of worship

Since 1964, a house of worship for people of all faiths and worldviews has been located in Hofheim-Langenhain. Here, a dome with 570 rhombic windows rises up in the middle of a maintained park with myriad roses.

The building, which has been included among the Hessen cultural monuments since 1987, is embedded in the landscape of front Taunus. From here, you can see northern Frankfurt, the Feldberg and even Mainz on a clear day. Exterior walls made almost completely of glass, nine entryways and unique construction allude architectonically to the openness of the latest world religion.

You will find more information at: www.bahai.de

Permission to include the picture here was given by Bahá'í-Gemeinde Hofheim.


Bahá'í House of worship — outside view

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Bahá'í House of worship — inside view

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